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Once your site is up and ready to take customers, you need to make sure you're doing everything you can to get it noticed.  One of the best ways to get your site the traffic it needs is to create highly optimized, keyword focused, content-rich pages.
These pages are absolutely the best way to get search engines to bring you traffic.  Increase your search engine ranking for your focused pages, and you can increase visitors, which in turn increase your sales.
This is where we come in.
We have the tools to help you improve you improve your site.  Let's review an example.

An Example Of Our SEO Tools

Ned is a small business owner and he has a web site where he sells appliance parts.  This is an incredibly hard niche to sell in because the competition is very high.  We calculate your competition by evaluating the number of searches by the number of available web pages. 
If you have 500 searches/ month for a keyword phrase and 10,000,000 web pages that match that keyword phrase, then your page will be 1 of 10,000,000 pages competing for that customer.  A formula that reflects this competition is called KEI or Keyword Effectiveness IndexR/S is another variation which reflects Results/Searches. 
The higher the KEI and the lower the R/S value, the better a term is for higher page ranking on search engine results.
Now back to Ned, he uses DietWebHosting Search Engine Optimization tools to get traffic to his web site.
  1. Ned orders a keyword report from DietWebhosting.com.  We search the web for keywords that relate closely to Ned's web site.  These keywords are pulled into a report that is then emailed to him.  Here are some examples of the words we suggested for Ned's appliance parts website.
    • List of keywords that will DietWebHosting provides Ned.  These are not random keywords these are the actual search terms used accross the Yahoo, Google, and MSN.  (together these search engines make up over 90% of all internet searches.
    • NOTE: This is just a partial list.  The list contains over 100 keywords

appliance part
ge appliance part
appliance part and service
appliance repair part
sears appliance part
whirlpool appliance part
small appliance part
kenmore appliance part
used appliance part
appliance part depot
maytag appliance part
marcone appliance part
general electric appliance part
frigidaire appliance part
discount appliance part

  1. Content Pages Pages: Ned takes some of the words which he likes most and builds a page around each one.  This part is simple, but sometimes slow (because it involves writing).  Ned can write the pages himself or can have DietWebHosting editors write pages for him!  Each page will be optimized for the keywords Ned requests.  Ned orders the pages and they are emailed to him directly.
  2. Competition Analysis Report:  This is a very unique report that only DietWebHosting offers to it's hosting customers.  You tell us the keyword phrase, the web page, and which search engine you want to rank highly for.  We analyze the top 10 sites that are currently listed for that search term.  We review over 30 different on-page and off-page parameters that your competitors are doing well.  Then we give you a step-by-step, review of your page versus your TOP 10 competitors, AND tell you exactly what you can change to improve your rank.  You can make the changes and then you're on your way.
  3. Search Engine Submission:  You provide the URL and we do the rest.  We manually submit the URL to over 80 HIGH QUALITY search engines and directories.  These include Yahoo, Google, and MSN among others.  Sure there are sites that submit your page to "1000's of directories", but these are usually junk directories.  Our submission process is driven by quality.
  4. Link Building: Link building is one of the most critical parts to getting web page traffic.  You need other sites to link to yours.  We operate with our partners to create content links to your site.  We write and distribute content across the web that drive useful information AND links to your products and services. 
The result?  Ned's site has over 20 first page listings in the major search engines for his top key terms.  This drives 1000's of targeted visitors to his site without paying a penny for pay per click!
Learn more about these search engine optimization tools, try them step by step, or have us help you.  From keyword research, to build optimized content pages, top 10 competition analysis, URL submission, and link building.  We have the tools to turn your small business web site into an online success!
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