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Search Engine & Meta Tag Optimization Report with Full Competitor Analysis

A complete SEO analysis report of your webpage delivered by email in under 24 hours!

Who are your top 10 competitors?
What keywords are they using?
How are their meta tags optimized?
How does your webpage compare to your competition?
What is your link popularity?
What changes should you make to improve your search engine rankings?


  • Expert analysis of your webpage keywords for key page elements
  • Full analysis of the your page against your top 10 competitors
  • Complete analysis of your meta tags
  • Perfect for marketing and optimization strategy
Click the image to see an example report and order your Full SEO Report for only $29.50.
Your complete report will emailed to you within 24 hours so you can start optimizing your webpage by this time tomorrow!
Order Our Complete Full Webpage Analysis: $29.50

Our experts will compile a comprehensive search engine and meta tag optimization report for your webpage complete with competition analysis.
Armed with the information in this report, you will have a real edge over the competition. You will know what elements in their webpage make their webpage rank higher than yours. You will easilty see the changes you can make to optimize your webpage to get results.
Order now, and by this time tomorrow you will have all this critical information and can start making key changes to your webpage.
Your report is fully compatible with all major Search Engines such as: Google, Overture, Yahoo, HotBot, WhatUSeek, Lycos, AllTheWeb, MSN, AltaVista, InfoSpace, FindWhat, LookSmart, Kanoodle, and more...
Do you know who your competitors are and what they are doing that makes their page rank higher? If the answer is YES, then this part of the report is for you.

When we review your webpage we compare every aspect to your top 10 competitors.
Why? Because their webpage has certain key features which makes it rank higher than yours. When we analyze your page against theirs, you will know exactly what changes to make to improve your search engine ranking.

Your Full SEO and Meta Tag optimization report provides every detail you need to optimize your webpage. Look at the sample report and order your analysis today. By this time tomorrow, you'll know exactly how to change your webpage and improve your search engine results.
Full Webpage Analysis: $29.50
Full List of Features of Your Full SEO Analysis & Meta Tag Report:

Competition Analysis- We analyze the web pages that currently have a high ranking for your important keyword. Since these pages have a top 10 ranking, the pages must have been optimized well.

Up-to-date Results- Our analysis is always up-to-date and based on the current top 10 results even if search engine ranking algorithms change.

Simple Format- We show you in three easy steps what you have to do to improve your web pages for top 10 search engine rankings. Highly ranked web pages bring more visitors to your site and add to your bottom line.

Easy To Understand- The report tells you in plain English and sharp detail what you have to do to get a top 10 ranking for your specific keyword in the search engine you've chosen.

Specific To Your Keywords- Get specific advice for your important keywords and we tell you how the top pages have achieved that ranking and how you should change your web pages to improve results.

Report Overview- Tells you which page we analyzed, whick top 10 competing pages we compared your site against, and which keywords.

Webpage Title Analysis- Analysis of the words you used between the tags compared to your competitors.

Meta Tag Keywords- The Meta Keywords tag allows you to define which search terms are important to your web page according to your opinion. It should be placed between the ... tags in the HTML code of your web page. We determine how search engines give relevance to search terms in the META Keywords tag.
Example: meta name= keywords content=keyword, another keyword...

Meta Tag Description- The Meta description tag allows you to describe your web page. Some search engines display the text to the user in the search results.
Example: <meta name="description" content="This sentence describes the contents of your web site.">

Body Text Content- In search engine optimization, ''content is king''. Your page content is compared to the top 10 competitors to identify key optimization strategies.

Link Popularity Analysis- Link popularity is the total number of web pages that link to your site. However, the ''popularity'' is only part of the link analysis. All major search engines also take the quality and the context of the links into account. The idea behind evaluating the link popularity is that your web page must offer good content when many quality sites link to it.

Text Link Analysis- Link texts are words and sentences that are used as hyperlinks. The words you use in these tags can effect your page relevance for a keyword. We examine both internal and outbound link texts.

Outbound Link Text- The text within the HTML tags that link to a web page on another domain. Links connect one web page to another. Outbound links are the links on a web page that point to web pages on other web sites, i.e. links to other domains.

Inbound Links- ''Inbound links'' are links on other web pages that point to your web page. Many search engines take the wording and the exact address of the inbound links into account when determining the ranking of your web site. We analyze your inbound links.

Internal Links- Same site links are the links in <a href> attributes that point to other pages in the same domain.

Same Site Links- Analysis of the links in <a href> attributes that point to other pages in the same domain.

Your report is emailed to you in less than 24 hours in PDF format! Order now and by this time tomorrow, you can start optimizing your webpage for

Full Webpage Analysis: $29.50
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